Bring Your Team Alive with an Innovation and Creativity Workshop

Shift Perspective • Enhance Creativity • Improve Problem Solving

Learn the Dynamics of Idea Generation and Collaboration


Our workshops build teams with strong connection, a sense of community, and supportive actions.


Creative Innovations Workshops use carefully designed and researched activities that are not used collectively anywhere else. By bringing together top practitioners, we are able to develop programs specifically to meet your group’s needs.

Our Modules Include

Soul Song Expression Session

Want a highly functioning team? Don’t let the title scare you. Our flag ship modality is proven and tested in more than 5,000 sessions a year. This process helps individuals and teams reach new levels of creative problem solving and communication. The result is a more energized and intellectually integrated workforce.


Want to break through blind spots? We bring a cutting edge incarnation of an ancient practice to go beyond the layers of conscious thought and access deeper parts of the mind. Practicing breathwork opens portals to higher cognitive functioning.

Core Energetics

Want to unleash new levels of performance? We all have emotional and creative blocks that stifle our ability to think and act. This revolutionary technique is proven to unlock the hidden internal messaging that limits us, replacing it with next-level open-mindedness and ability to identify new visions.


Want to cultivate a more innovative workforce? Stress, problems and an overwhelming workflow results in overload. Our business-specific meditation techniques help create space and teach participants how to give the even the toughest situations a revitalised perspective.

Manifestation Masterclass

Want to empower your team to realize their goals? In our masterclass, we help people rewrite stories, creating new realities and opportunities which will bring concepts into reality.

How Will Your Team Benefit?

Our programming works on a scientific and proven understanding of how the brain grows and develops. We work in groups to provide community support and accountability for continued growth after the event.


The main goal of a Creative Innovations Workshop is to help individuals develop their creative energy. It is the confidence and vibrancy that comes from our creativity that propels us to new heights in our lives.


Creative Innovations Workshops offer tailored workshops in your place of business or at an off-site location. We provide an opportunity for a life-changing experience for your group members and whole team. Optimal group size depends upon your needs. Programming can be created in blocks as short as three hours to several days.

How to Book a Workshop


We determine your needs and our research director creates a program specifically for your team.


We help you choose the program modules and duration of experience that are right for you.


You don’t need to worry about the details. We’ve got you.

By understanding new breakthroughs in the study neuroscience and consciousness, our master trainer is able to create powerful programs that specifically address your team’s needs.

Nowhere else will you find a combination of practices that work synergistically as these do, to foster personal and group transformation.

Meet the Creators

Sessions are led by our elite team offering dynamic experiences that will enhance your group’s performance.

Wes Geer

Former touring guitarist with Korn and CEO and creator of Rock to Recovery, Wes is a dynamic musician and speaker who has spent 25 years navigating the music business and relationships with rock stars. His own challenges have made him passionate about sharing personal growth techniques with others.

Brandon Parkhurst, CCEP

Brandon is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, documentary filmmaker and musician. Brandon has years of experience working with groups focused on deep process work. His workshops are highly sought after because of Brandon’s ability to foster connection and create opportunities for emotional release.

Sonny Mayo

Sonny is a talented Breathwork facilitator, recovery coach, and smokin’ guitar player, who has played on some of the world’s largest stages. He is known for his compassion and emotional intelligence. As an animal lover, Sonny understands the spiritual connection between us all, and endeavors to use that understanding to help people courageously address the challenges they face.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who benefits from a Creative Innovations Workshop?

Anyone with a brain. We have tapped into a system that uses a group of activities that work together synergistically. Each activity on its own is beneficial, but together, they have a special magic that creates change in a meaningful and lasting way.

Why focus on creative blocks?

Every workforce faces challenges that come in the form of blocks.  Blocks can manifest in the form of lack of cohesion, motivation, productivity and creativity.  This happens for any number of reasons. Creative Innovations Workshops are designed to invigorate and energize, as well as help individuals think about and approach projects and problems in new ways.

How will a creativity workshop break my team's old habits?

Humans tend to work habitually, using the same techniques time and again.  While these formulas have yielded great results, often times habits limit innovation; tried and true ways of dealing with a situation no longer work. We are in evolving social and economic conditions. As conditions change, help your team gain new perspectives by engaging with them creatively. Creative Innovations Workshops are run by artists – authors, musicians, and filmmakers. Our way of reframing situations becomes a catalyst for out-of-the-box problem solving.

Will a CI Workshop improve my team's ability to communicate effectively?

Office culture cultivates deep bonds, but also gives rise to interpersonal challenges that erode cohesion and synergy. By engaging in creative activities together and working through a somatic expression process, groups of people learn how to support one another and become purposeful teams. Blocks are removed and replaced with deeper connectivity. We also focus, when necessary, on improving communication and creating the ability for people to be honest and effective in how they speak and write.

How is this team building process different from others?

One of the benefits of a Creative Innovations Workshop is that we build an experience for the team. Each activity builds on the next, helping form bonds and collective interest that are unmatched by standard workforce development or team building processes.

Does planning an off-site program improve program outcomes?

Program design and location are tailored to your needs and budget. We can certainly provide engaging and effective workshops delivered at your work site. However, at the work site, there are temptations that draw people away from the activities and diminish focus.


Outcomes are generally enhanced in an off-site program – whether it’s in your local town or at a retreat location anywhere in the world. We’ll help you pick the right place to host your event.

How do we get our “I’m not a musician/artist/creative” individuals to buy-in to a workshop?

While each of our facilitators identifies as “creative,” our work is almost exclusively with people who are not professional artists/musicians/authors. It is our pleasure to help people who have lost the spirited connection to creativity that we all have as small children, find it again.


As human beings, it is our nature to be expressive and passionate in our work and lives. Creative Innovations Workshops help each person find their connection to that artful and inventive source. This translates into greater workforce happiness, improved productivity, and strategic innovation for your company.

I don't work at a major corporation. Is one of your workshops right for my group?

Yes! Our research director has worked with and designed training programs for nonprofit and social service organizations, religious groups, universities and businesses of all sizes. If your group wants to be more creative and supportive of one another, we have programming for you. Contact us to discuss your needs.

What is the cost?

The cost depends on workshop duration, group size, number of facilitators, and location. We work with you to tailor an experience that meets your needs and fits your budget.

I’m in! What are the next steps?

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We’ll discuss your needs and get the process started.

Are you ready to bring your team alive?